septiplier one shots

septiplier one shots

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It first started with surprise kisses and hugs from behind while one recorded, just to be cute. As many people know, Sean and Mark were both very crazy people, so of course things easily escalated. Even in The Game Grumps workspace they both found their chances to pull the other from the recording and leave them very frustrated and well, needy. Mark even got a chance to place a nice, dark hickey on Sean's neck.

Sean was going to get him back, and he knew exactly how. Thankfully, it was late at night and Mark was recording something all in one sitting, which left him distracted as Sean snuck into the office Mark had to himself. He kneeled, easily making it under the desk with the wires zip tied up and out of the way. He probably noticed him by now, but chose to ignore his boyfriend's antics. Sean reached out and started to palm gently at his lovers crotch.

"O-oh, babe what are you-"

"Just keep recording, Mark." Sean spoke up to him, continuing his palming at the slowly
growing bulge,...

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sadsadladd sadsadladd Nov 27, 2016
It was kinda confusing, who said the lines i mean. But DAMN YAAMII
Aurica_Kosza Aurica_Kosza Oct 05, 2016
Y'all who read this, including me, went to hell? I know I did
RoseSoRight RoseSoRight Feb 02, 2016
Sike! That's the wrong number. ( BTW I love the story I didn't' MEME to be rude )
CookieMcLoughlin CookieMcLoughlin May 05, 2016
Dang, I miss that ship. It crashed and burned. Now Septiplier is the only ship I wanna sail*cue the Septiplier Away song*