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.:Busy:. Tails x Reader ON HOLD

.:Busy:. Tails x Reader ON HOLD

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Zoe:) By Light-Of-A-Shadow Updated Feb 11

Hello! ^3^ so I decided I would try a Tails X Reader! I'm not entirely sure how this is going to turn out, but mind as well try! Hehe! x3 hope you enjoy!

GlamourBlook GlamourBlook Dec 18, 2016
Sonic why would you tell me that Tails told you a secret even tho you aren't going to tell me what? .-.
Jazzyallison Jazzyallison Feb 02, 2016
Im not much of a fangirl XD but when it comes to Tails, I go crazy!! XD
_kawaiichan_mcd _kawaiichan_mcd May 27, 2016
SONNIKU TELL ME!!!~~~ I already know but it is fun to call sonic that XD
AllysunYoungblood AllysunYoungblood May 27, 2016
I ship TailAlly. Tails X my oc
                              Tails X Ally
                              Its not a good ship not.
RoseLyrics RoseLyrics Jan 17, 2016
*fangirl*omg tails was always my favorite . . . .besides knuckes(i was a girl knuches for halloween)
IGotThatSonic IGotThatSonic Jan 03, 2016
                              Nope has the letters O and P in it.
                              N is 6 letters away from T.
                              6 divided by 2 = 3.
                              OTP has 3 letters.
                              OTP meaning One True Pair.
                              One True Pair.
                              Pair = couple.
                              Couples involve liking/loving eachother.
                              So therefore,
                              Tails has a crush on Reader-Chaaaan~!