Ava......: Dreams reunited......[Book Two]

Ava......: Dreams reunited......[Book Two]

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Nicole Yvonne... By nikkib101 Updated Apr 09, 2016

Now that The Wilson's have been separated, will they finally realize their faults, that caused their relationship to crumble? Will Victor finally admit that his problem is severe? Will Ava finally stop trying to be perfect for everyone else, and focus on herself? And, what about Tom and Sheila? Will Tom realize his lies can bring devastation, to whom ever he's trying to protect? Will Sheila try and build a relationship with her estranged brother? Secrets and lies will be revealed, testing each couple's strength to stay together. Also, old friends and characters make their way out of the woodwork, creating a mix of jealousy, lust, and mistrust. 

SEQUEL TO Ava............
18+ Mature book, for mature people. Sexual references and scenes. Idea's of blackness, and what it means to be black, will be discussed in this book. If you are uncomfortable with black people, or black culture, please DO NOT read my book. I dont need or want any racist remakes or replies. Im creating this space for people that are scared and unsure, and feel like they dont belong. Im here for you, and anything you want to discuss............

Cover by KatrinaMuppets

Words that I had to come to realize so long ago... well said.
Triplem03 Triplem03 Dec 20, 2016
Yeah I don't think she ready to leave she has no where near got Victor out her system let alone even love her self.
The white room does not sound like an appropriate tactic to help patients... but what do I know... lol it could. I just know that I'd go crazy in there.. I can't stand to feel trapped...
Awww... Victor loves so strongly so quickly. That's his problem in essence. He doesn't know how to balance those strong emotions. And love is the strongest of all.
_NobodysBusiness _NobodysBusiness Dec 13, 2015
Aww he finally got himself a wake up call.  I'm ready to see how this session is going to turn out
Joantelle Joantelle Aug 25, 2015
I'm glad Pauletta is gone, she wasn't right for overlooking all the signs of this toxic relationship just for Victor's sake. Will there be a POV from her side about the damage she helped caused? This is a great book.