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Please Bill! [ Bill Cipher x Dipper Pines ]

Please Bill! [ Bill Cipher x Dipper Pines ]

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Sinnocent_Italian By Sinnocent_Italian Updated May 10, 2016

Soft delicate fingers was the first thing Dipper felt. His sister Mabel was spending a night at her friend's house, Soos had a date to attend, Grunkle Stan was nowhere to be seen ever since yesterday, and Wendy? Well she was still dealing with Robbie so thats that. The fingers traveled their way to the hem of his shirt, sliding up his abdomen. Dipper shivered from the touch and moved desperately wanting the fingers to continue their journey. Bill watched in amusement seeing as Dippers body reacted in such a way he'd never thought would occur. The blond lowered his head, poking his tongue out, licking the brunettes stomach all the way to his hardened buds. "A-ahh....~" Arching his back a little Dipper stirred, brows furrowing in his sleep. Bill pulled away frowning. What's the point of causing pleasure to one if he's not fully awake? A mischievous grin grew on his face as he grinded his hips against his Pine Tree who in return let out a soft grunt. "B-bill~" That grin of his widened eve...

spiixe spiixe 17 hours ago
i hate to be that person but its spelt "you're" 
                              lmao im joking i honestly dont care i love this
PeacePirateOncr PeacePirateOncr Aug 07, 2016
At least he walked in on them when they were done rather then him walking in on them in the middle of what they were doing!
2000095K 2000095K Dec 10, 2016
Illuminati Dorito to Eiffel tower. Make up your mind Dipper. 😛
marichatfan16 marichatfan16 Aug 06, 2016
Cosplay as the Eiffel Tower😂😂 BRUHH IM DEAD😂💯🌚🌚
Xiqria Xiqria Nov 07, 2016
*appears out of nowhere*
                              *hands dipper the memory wiping gun*
                              *collapses onto the floor BLOOD spewing out my nosr*
Xiqria Xiqria Nov 07, 2016
Why am I reading this in a public place? Like this is the worst possible idea