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Rejected with the Alpha's Daughter  (ON HOLD)

Rejected with the Alpha's Daughter (ON HOLD)

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cutielicious By Leecie121 Updated Feb 13

Nevaeh is the daughter of Micheal Allwood, alpha of the Mystic Gardens Pack the largest and strongest Pack in North America.

On her seventeenth birthday she went to a party with her best friend Sashree Evanns. At that party she found her mate Maleek Tate, alpha of the Rosedale Pack.

Being excited she found her mate, she slept with him that same night. After waking up the next morning, she thought her life was completed because she found her mate, slept with him and he would accept her. Little did she know that it would take a turn for the worst when her mate said the words she never wanted to hear.

"I Maleek Liam Tate alpha of the Rosedale pack , reject you Nevaeh Allwood as my mate." Her heart sunk in her chest, it broked into many peices. 

One month after the rejection Nevaeh found out that she was pregnant. 

"How can I be pregnant? I'm only seventeen. How could I be so stupid?" She thaught to herself. 

What will she do? Will she keep the baby and raise her as a single mother? Or will she abort her and regret it for the rest of her life?

Will Maleek find out about his baby?  Will he push his selfish ways aside and accept his mate and daughter? Or will he find another she wolf, mate with her, get her pregnant and make her Luna?

Find out what happens in this story as you enter the world of wolfs..

xxQueeenUnique xxQueeenUnique Apr 17, 2016
My name is Nevaeh!!! Sorry I just looked through books to read, found yours and I was like.  " omg!! That's my name! Better comment and tell everyone!" Its just you don't usually find the name Nevaeh in books or anywhere for that matter.... Anyway, that's my name and bye!!!😂👌😙🔥
inappropriateMendes inappropriateMendes Apr 25, 2016
Its fraternal* I should know I have a twin and we are fraternal.
Momzkhalil Momzkhalil Sep 04, 2016
Dude before school I have time for cereal that's it if I'm lucky
cspurr2000 cspurr2000 Mar 04, 2016
U confused me because u said the other girls name so now i dont know whose mate the teacher is
pandababies60208 pandababies60208 May 21, 2016
 #16765566:magic vigina😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀😹😹😹😹😲😲😲😲😵😵😵😵