Infinitely Infinite!

Infinitely Infinite!

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'And if you can't find a better person than him, I will suggest you; please go marry him and stop pushing me into this wedlock!' she almost screamed at her bestest friend.

'Mom, I want to be young, wild and free. If you want me to marry right now, certainly; I can't! ' he pleaded to his mom.

Every parents' dream is to see their children find their perfect life partner and get married. In their case, the damsel and the bloke are bound to be perfect match to each other. The perfection extended from ignoring the marriage proposal to the perfect hatred towards each other and if you guessed, their love is the only thing which is infinitely infinite, you're wrong. Every aspect between them is infinitely infinite.

'You're the one who derives pleasure, from hurting others. In one word, you're a sadist. YOU'RE A SADIST!! ' Shraddha screamed at her highest pitch, raging at her greatest foe and her alleged husband.

' I still do not know how my mom wanted me to marry you! Do not dare to interfere in my life! Go! Mind your own!! Don't force me to snap at you!! ' Tarun snapped back at his wife.

Tarun and Shraddha seem to be made for each other. Made for each other to fight and hate! To fall in love too!! Will they realize it?!

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yagappar yagappar Jan 07, 2016
You don't have to use BOLD letters for things said just use "
stillwallflower stillwallflower Sep 21, 2015
Ha, waiting to see how the opposite poles attract :) Good start..