Over the Radio

Over the Radio

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Sekaran By Sekaran Updated Jan 20, 2011

A young man, Carter Johnson or CJ, is leaving his home town to pursue further education, a successful career and maybe even... love?

He will soon discover a new job, with some slight twists. His love life will have a few bumps and turns, and coupled with the fact that his job will bring a fog of mysteriousness over his identity to the city of Asoka, he is definitely in some trouble.

Will he be able to keep his job and find true love? Or will he be a lonely voice heard only;

Over the Radio.

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JusLuvLyf JusLuvLyf Jan 26, 2011
again a few errors here and there but I like it. lol Mandy is a trip. I have a feeling i'm going to like her. 
JusLuvLyf JusLuvLyf Jan 26, 2011
Thank you for the comments on my book. Sorry I took so long to read your story, I have been alittle busy with a project I'm doing with my cousins.
                              You have a few errors but it's pretty good. I really like the music part. I love that song.
Sekaran Sekaran Oct 20, 2010
@BlondFangs Thanks for the feedback!
                              Its good to get comments about our work professionally. We are our own worse critic and when someone comes along and pulls us back down to earth it really reminds us of what we really wrote.
                              So, thanks again.
BlondFangs BlondFangs Oct 17, 2010
Again I really like this. It was very clever how the dream was so relevant. I enjoyed the bit about the shirt, it added abit of humour and I sense a possible romance between the two of them. If I had a gold star I'd give it you. 
diary-of-jenny diary-of-jenny Sep 30, 2010
***wants to know how much of this is fiction and how much of the main character is taken from your own life!!!***  I love stories that deal with loss, and the harsh realities of life!  x   lol........