Bullied By Luke Hemmings (not connected with my girls)

Bullied By Luke Hemmings (not connected with my girls)

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YouBestDream By KatherineHemmings Updated Jul 18

♫ self harm
♫ violence

Katherine has lived in Sydney all her life and she just wants to leave. Leave the pain, leave the memories, Leave everything.

No one knows her mum died and that her dad abuses her and gets drunk. She'd rather no one knew but what makes her life worse is she's bullied. She's bullied by Luke Hemmings and his 2 friends Calum and Michael.

Katherine hate everything about her life and especially her face... she's told she looks exactly like her mum and that makes it worse because she was in the car crash with her mum and her dad often tells her its her fault she died and it should've been her. 

but little does she know that someone will save her from her terrible life but does it work?

Nicoleerz Nicoleerz May 07
Of course not you Perfect little angel who throws papers at ppl and call the whores 😇
Then when she gets with Luke she's like "new phone who dis?"
No u didn't Luke I'm pretty sure it was just that told her Unicats don't exist *glares*
_L3773177_ _L3773177_ Apr 16
I love You so much you don't even know 
                              Panic at the Disco is my life
animegir1 animegir1 Nov 08
How is it like this in every fanfic... In ma school it's legit:
                              Yo sir soz I'm late
                              Ahh it's chill, you signed in tho?
                              Oh damn I forgot
                              Nah it's chill, I gotchu fam
                              Aw thanks sir you're a proper lad
                              Ikr, sit down and copy the notes 
                              On it like a car bonnet
aliiejonnas aliiejonnas May 25
No luke u totally didn't. She's cryin cuz she lost her teddy bear😑 *rolls eyes*