Romeo's Balcony (AU)

Romeo's Balcony (AU)

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[A SonAmy Story]

Sonic The Hedgehog: The guy that every girl would dream to be with.

Amelia Rose: The girl to come for love advise.

They had been neighbors for Five years, their balconies directly in front of each other. Each day, Sonic would bring home a girl and Amy would rate them from 1-10. But one day, Sonic noticed that Amy has never rated a girl a perfect 10. Sonic, being competitive, wanted to find a girl that Amy could rate a perfect 10 to prove her wrong. He searched and searched but found no one. But the question is: Will he ever realize that the girl he's looking for is right in front of him?

• Find Out On Romeo's Balcony!

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If I survive? Then I will say to mah cous, 'I survived' a cheesy book again
Yanzy2016 Yanzy2016 Apr 11, 2016
                                 Special: summons piko piko hammer
                                  Attitude: sweet, kinds, innocent, shy,....etc. Idk...
- - Dec 04, 2016
I've realized, only Shadow calls him Faker, so will he appear in future chapters? :0