Selling my innocence

Selling my innocence

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tea_love08 By tea_love08 Updated Oct 02

Eva is a witty tomboy who has arguments for anything you say to her and if you still haven't guessed by now, Eva despise Duncan because she doesn't like sharing her sister. Both are at loggerheads. Both are vicious. Both are fearless. And both love Lexis..


My head jerked to the right from the impact of the palm of his hand on my left cheek. This happened so fast that i did not even have time to react at all. I lifted my hand to touch my burning cheek and retracted it almost immediately from the pain. Mouth agape, i stared at him in apprehension. 

His hand lifted to touch my face and on instinct, i flinched and jerked away from his touch as if it burnt me. 

He looked torn but then again, appearances could be deceiving. He looked regretful and hurt, but i was the one who was hurt. 

"I'm sorry, i would never hurt you. You should kn-" He started saying but all of his words seemed futile at that moment. 

"But you already did." I whispered. I lifted my head to meet his gaze that lingered on my cheek.

P.S Contains mature content and strong language. If you're a grammar freak then please don't read it. Give it a shot, it gets better, i promise!

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