Yes Daddy

Yes Daddy

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Rose's Are Red, The Sun Is Gold
Get On Your Knees, 
And Do As Your Told.


Don't comment about how You don't agree with the relationship and how it's not realistic bla bla bla. Shut the fuck up please and thank you. In joy the story 


FÙCK IT'S THE BÌTCHY LITTLE GIRL IN SPN! (I'm kidding the name is just the same XD)
Dictating food is unacceptable. That's a quick way to make a girl hate you
The story is good but if you would make smaller paragraphs it would be great
LFS-foooer LFS-foooer Aug 02
What u wrote is rlly good the story sounded very exciting and actually it made me say "the way he express and the poem . he has a good imagination"
Does she have sex when she's in little space? That would be creepy because she thinks she's 4. Do they have sec when she isn't in little space?
Please tell me I wasn't the only one reading this in the spongebob voice