My Cute Twin Mates

My Cute Twin Mates

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PANSEXUAL'S ARE THA BEST By peacegirl54 Updated Aug 27

"MINE" They yelled 

Well okay this is very awkward

That's when my father spoke up "There is no way in hell you are my daughter's mates" He said very angrily. They growled at my dad.

"Don't growl at my dad" I said with sass in my voice.

That's when all hell went loose

I just hate when I have to go to school 
                              and the bed feels amazing and I don't want to get out
Every one is saying "Damn Daniel" and I'm over here think I didn't know milk could be a sent, lol😊😊😃
UndecisiveMinds UndecisiveMinds 5 days ago
Am u the only one who's bothered by the curves bit? What happened to being real and believing in yourself no matter the type of a persons body ?
ansea777 ansea777 Mar 14
I read all those comments about damn daniel here,how come no one says "damn Amber " huh?