Zodiac Signs || Anime Edition

Zodiac Signs || Anime Edition

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~Lookin' Cool Joker~ By AkitaYukimota Updated Jul 10, 2017

As the title suggests, this book is devoted to assigning a random character from a specified anime to one of the twelve zodiac signs. And I bet you're curious as to which character I list for your zodiac. So why not click and find out?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the anime mentioned or referenced in this book, nor the characters. 

Also, people keep complaining that this character is actually Pieces, this one is supposed to be Taurus, etc. Come on, I literally do this randomly. Don't be stingy about these things and just enjoy the book.

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.... (- _ -) he's cute but.. not Senpai material in my opinion..
fanfic4life_33 fanfic4life_33 Oct 14, 2017
Wait is he the guy who looks like Connie or what? I haven’t watched Blue Exorcist in a while lol
S_minkook S_minkook Apr 14
I don’t know this anime :(
                              But everyone is pretty happy about getting Rin so like I’m happy lol
On one of these I got rin now I got yukio now I definitely know I am a descendant of shiro
kaursukhleen kaursukhleen Nov 28, 2017
Hi soz Idk who mepshito is sooooooo I’ll search it up.....hi
Rin is actually a Capricorn but guess I can see a bit of Sagittarius in him too.😊♑️♐️