How i became Dixon's stress reliever (Smut)

How i became Dixon's stress reliever (Smut)

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Okkaiii so before you start reading there's something you need to know. This is smut fanfic which means there will be a lot of smut... and now i mean a lot of smut. So if you don't like that kind of fanfics this isn't for you. And i hope you people who read this *no one reads* will like it.

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~I don't own the show AMC's The Walking Dead or it's characters.~

I was walking in the woods... there was nothing i hated more than this... some dead had decided it would be good to come back to life and start to eat people... yeah thanks a lot... ASSHOLES! I only had my machete and backpack with me... oh yeah and there was a gun behind in my shorts but you know it's only there if i'm about to die and that's the only god damn thing that can save me. 

Suddenly i heard something and that something was... people... just talking...

"The C...

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NKM2015 NKM2015 Jun 19
She went solo & CAME already. Ol girl needs to roll over & start countin sheep.
It's not called being dirty minded!   *gay man  voice * it's called having a sexy imagination!! *jazz hands *
_MCRying_ _MCRying_ Nov 13
Wrong fandom but-
                              Someone had to say it
NKM2015 NKM2015 Jun 19
If sitting next to Daryl makes you cream ur pants, imagine how you'd be if he brushed up against you?
Sarcasm by Aeropostale 
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