Please, Don't Leave Me |Prussia X Reader|

Please, Don't Leave Me |Prussia X Reader|

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Just Cuz By Frostfur789 Updated Nov 22

Gilbert was heartbroken when Old Fritz passed away. He acted confident and happy to show everyone he was fine; he didn't need anyone else. 
He was scared of losing someone else close to him.
He was afraid.

Leaving his past behind, he moves out of the country. He meets a girl who has a fiery spirit, but is completely hopeless when it comes to love. He offers his assistance, but his help comes with a price.


s-atan s-atan Jul 02
Actually that's too true that it hurts... I don't like anyone. Sh!t my self esteem.
s-atan s-atan Jul 02
Love really is just a waste of time, there's always a possibility that it can end up badly. But nothing like that happens in Fanfics, so why would we waste our time on something real and heartbreaking, while we can just read, learn and feel emotions like love without heartbreak!
Are you talking in another language? I don't know what chu sayin'.
sifg10 sifg10 Oct 07
I don't like anyone but I have 6 brothers so I have to deal with it
s-atan s-atan Jul 02
?¿? You haven't seen all of the new guys yet?¿! You have more interest in him than mehhhhhh
Except my friend and family then I think everyone is an idiot, well, the majority.