Please, Don't Leave Me |Prussia X Reader|

Please, Don't Leave Me |Prussia X Reader|

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KINGXDIANE By Frostfur789 Updated Mar 22

Gilbert was heartbroken when Old Fritz passed away. He acted confident and happy to show everyone he was fine; he didn't need anyone else. 
He was scared of losing someone else close to him.
He was afraid.

Leaving his past behind, he moves out of the country. He meets a girl who has a fiery spirit, but is completely hopeless when it comes to love. He offers his assistance, but his help comes with a price.


And here you see two people in two different fandoms, and two different reactions ^
In real life, I'm asexual. In the fantasy world, I'm pansexual.
                              Yes, I prefer 2d people.
Arithus Arithus Jun 01
If any gut ever shows interest in my id probably go "who tf are you" since 1. Aint interested. 2. Ive got a bad memory. 
                              One time in middle school a guy literally asked me out thru a proxy and to this day i dont have a clue which guy it was because all the proxy did was point to a table of guys.
Rea_Aten Rea_Aten Dec 20, 2016
Literally, ONE chapter in, and I'm already crying! Props to you!