Your Horror (Ricky Olson)

Your Horror (Ricky Olson)

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"Whatever you do, don't annoy him"

"Oh him, yeah, don't make eye contact"

"You can't sit there, that's where he sits"

"He's a loser, but don't cross him"

"I heard that he admitted it to his parents"

"Don't talk to him and never trust him"

"He isn't your typical freak. He's a murder"

"The schools hardcore emo"

"He should be in jail"

"Trust me, he is a terrible person"

These are all things Kirby Watts is told at her first week of her new school, all happen to be about 1 particularly quiet and mysterious boy named Ricky Olson, or as he once was known before; Ricky Horror.

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Did if anyone here is a murderer it's me...jk jk. But I do have a large knife collection.
emo_shit_ emo_shit_ Jun 01, 2017
I'm only here because I checked the media and saw Tyler and Josh. |-/
sadxgirlyy sadxgirlyy Jun 17, 2017
my town is like this but we don't have a waterpark but we have this really cool graveyard that's behind my house and there's this warehouse that's abandoned, the old jail/mental asylum is there as well. i go there every sunday and every friday night and just sit there
apocolips- apocolips- Mar 03
k so uh hello 5sos fans, i don’t like 5sos, but youre chill k bye dont hurt me im a little fragile miw garbage can
xXPierce_the_SykoXx xXPierce_the_SykoXx Aug 22, 2017
This is like the town next to the one I live in they have like this dodgy water park that has an even dodgier arcade and it gives me a headache cause there is too much colour lol
xXPierce_the_SykoXx xXPierce_the_SykoXx Aug 22, 2017
Me looking at half these chats like the 5sos fandom brought the goddamn drama with them