Darkiplier Imagines

Darkiplier Imagines

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Darkiplier By Darkipie Updated Oct 21

Mark walked down the lone road, completely lost.

He'd gotten lost on his way home from a night out, and eventually, his car broke down in the middle of a road, somewhere. Here he was, in the dead of night, on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, with a dead cell phone, and no help. Great.

His only choice was to walk along the side of the road, to maybe find a public payphone, or a house, something, any kind of help that he could find. As of now, he was the only one around. There were no houses, no cars, no people, absolutely nothing but the long, solitary road ahead of him, and the trees surrounding it. There was an eerie silence filling the stiff, nighttime air, and to say that it was dark would be a major understatement; there weren't even any streetlamps around. It was nearly pitch black, other than the dull light from the few sprinkled stars in the, otherwise, black sky. And here he was, walking by himself down this road.

Of course he was nervous. Who wouldn't be? If M...

to answer your question:
                              'No because if he Is alone at night,there is no person to hear the sound-and if no person hears the sound,then there is none to tell of the sound,and if there is none to tell of the sound,the sound was not a sound...
Boii you better get yo crusty buns runnin cuz u gon' get raped
What if it was Pewds? 
                              HOW'S IT GOIN, BROS? MY NAME'S PEWDIEPIE!!!!!!!
                              *Mark jumps and screams running down the street, flailing his arms around like he did a lot of meth*
Why does this have to start off with a depressing tumbler™ post?
"He's just standing there... Menacingly! Get out of there Spongebob!!". Anyone else?? No... oh ok lmao