The Vampire and His Neko

The Vampire and His Neko

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Ms. Smut By Ms_Smut Updated Jul 21, 2017

My name is Hiro and my life was normal, at lest as normal as it gets for a neko in hiding. That is, until I moved to this isolated small town. People would go missing, but no one would question it. I worked at this strip club and then...

He saw me. 

Dracula himself. 

Now everything has taken a new route as I entire a new life with my master. But it's ok right? He feeds me, shelters me, protects me, and, while I may not like it, he pleasures me too.

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Still confuses me. I thought the strip club was a job, this makes it seem like some kind of servitude.
Yas,  Yas,  wonderfully amazingly great beginning.  👍😄😃😁
Moonglades Moonglades Jun 09, 2017
Can his name be so thing like Damion and Dracula is a cover.