Bad Boy Next Door

Bad Boy Next Door

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My parents invited the new neighbors over for dinner. When the neighbors was here you'll never guess who was it, it was East high's Bad Boy and not only that during dinner my ex-boyfriend who just got out of jail is back to get me I hate my life!


     Emily Walton a 17 year old girl who's known to be a nerd n good girl, she has a twin brother but both of them are complete opposites her brother Eric a jock who's on the football team n while she's just an outcast n a nerd. But have a horrible past and the only people who knows is her family and her best friend.

    Jake Miller a 18 year boy who's known as the baddest boys in school but at home he's a just a sweetheart boy, he has a lil brother who seems to be very good friends with Emily, Jake is a jock on the football team and also yes a bad boy who likes to party and bang girls then throw them away like trash.

   Until one day, Jake's family decides to move to a new house and guess what.....they move in a house next to the Walton family, with Jake next door will Emily able to survive this too? And, now that Jake heard the phone call will he used that to bullied her more or will it go to the opposite way and he helps her?

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Puppy2K Puppy2K May 19
Hey, I am sorry but don't take this the wrong way. (THIS IS POLITE CRITICISM) I just started reading this and I think it has great idea to it. But the grammar is really bad and I can hardly understand. Sorry, I just wanted to tell you so you can get better. Don't worry, I make some mistakea too. ☺