The Girl with the Tattoos

The Girl with the Tattoos

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A tattooed street racer, Kat is as unladylike as possible with a matching attitude.

After crashing her car and being put in the hospital, Kat's family sent her to live in Texas with her grandma, hoping to change her boisterous ways. 

Kat is faced with living on the family estate or going to prison for her illegal actions.

Abandoned in the middle of nowhere, Kat doesn't know what could be worse until her grandma tells her she has to get a job. 

Sent to work, Kat meets Graham. 

A local cowboy, complete with flannel shirt, tight jeans, leather boots and things are about to get heated up past the boiling point in Texas. 

But Kat's past is catching up with her faster than she can run when someone from London comes looking for her.

And, it may just put Kat and everyone she loves in more danger than ever and maybe, just maybe . . . some wild things shouldn't be tamed.

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Hey, don't be knocking Wheel of Fortune! That's like the highlight of my day!  😅
Yellow grass nothing but dirt yep welcome to Texas all that's missing is the 100+ degree weather
Sorrowfallen360 Sorrowfallen360 Apr 10, 2016
Phone signal?
                              Electrical power????
                              Automatic sprinkler????????
                              Whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyy......wait that means there's no wattpad.
                              Life sucks
9ButterflyQueens 9ButterflyQueens May 24, 2016
None of that, I would've changed right there and then with that blistering heat.
EllieD98 EllieD98 Mar 03
So.....I'm assuming that this was supposed to say "social suicide", right?
9ButterflyQueens 9ButterflyQueens May 24, 2016
At least she kind of saved the woman and her child's life in a way. I feel like other people would be too much in shock to react or anything.