Yandere! Himuro Tatsuya x Reader LEMON Love Extremities

Yandere! Himuro Tatsuya x Reader LEMON Love Extremities

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Jessie Bonducky By Baeshounen Completed

Himuro Tatsuya. 

That name alone attracted most - if not all the females in yosen's attention. He was perfect: No flaws both physically and emotionally. A perfect gentlemen as one might say. But... as the charming smile he holds, veils his true personality-only one person will find out about his true intentions. Will she break due to his sadistic ways? Or will she find her savior...? Leaving Himuro to break instead... 

Read to find out.

Enjoy reader-chan~

ooWutoo ooWutoo Aug 16
Just kidding my asš. You will love me. Even if you řape me! Or something. I'll cut you! And bathe in your blood you crusty son of a-!
Baeshounen Baeshounen Oct 08
@AkatsukiKanade13 There are so many synonyms to 'said' in the English dictionary, but I forget to use a lot of them XDD. Thanks for the constructive criticism though, I'll be sure to fix it when I have the chance :D
Probably too late for this but my other favorite character is Midorima.
hikariakame hikariakame Oct 03
Well, that's expected.....
                              Fudge you, Yanderes.....  *dodges a pair of scissors* oh sheet.....
                              Yandere-kun: Stop insulting my Dere!! *glares*.....*smiles yandere-like (DUHHH) and took out another scissors.
                              Me:.......... Are you the owner of a scissors-selling shop or something? You carry too many.
Pandachanxo Pandachanxo Oct 15
1. Aomine
                              2. Midorima
                              3. Hanamiya Makoto (he's hot liek damn)
                              4. Murasakibara/Kagami
                              The rest are like characters to me 😂
Np, I still have trouble too when it comes to writting stories (its always the first chapter...)
                                This should help http://my.w.tt/UiNb/hUTnK3uKjx :3