Ciel phantomhive x reader lemon

Ciel phantomhive x reader lemon

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Rose Rodriquez By BloodyRosePROXY Updated Aug 06

Y/n I do not own black butler 

I was doing my homework at my dask. My sister Jordan came in our room with her computer. "Hey Jordan can we watch black butler" "sure" we sit on the bed we see Ciel. I say "he is so cute" " No way sebastian is way cuter then Ciel" "ya ok whatever you say Jordan".

'Time skip brought to you by one hell of a butler'

It was 12:00am when me and Jordan fell asleep still watching the show 

I was with Ciel in his bed he was using me as a pillow. I was warm and his arms felt nice. we stay like that till I fell asleep 

End of Dream

I wake up to a pink light Jordan was awake to she looks at me and suddenly we were felling out of the sky. We land on the cold hard ground

A/N sorry it was so short. This was my first time writing a fanfiction on wattpad and it is going to be a lemon so sorry if it is terrible ;)

this is so totally like me and my friend Chasey!!!!!😛😛😛😝😝😝😆😆
Nah ciel is cute but sebastian is 
                              FABULOUS WITH HIS MOVES ( it will be better with a deer head)
HimeSama- HimeSama- Feb 03
Okay you have Hot guys then you have Cute guys then there is  Ciel who is adorably hot
                              Please tell me I'm not the only one that thought this.
Sebby 4 Lifu And Ciel 4 Wifu XDDD
                              The Meme At The Beginning Tho So True!
I read this like a person just saying super seriously with their hand on my shoulder. "Izi, I don't own Black Butler."