Celestial Breaker {A NaLu Story}

Celestial Breaker {A NaLu Story}

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{2nd book of Celestial series. Please read the first book, Celestial Striker, before reading this one to avoid massive confusion. Thank you!}

It's been five months since Lucy and Natsu decided it was best they remained friends.

Fairy Tail FC is slowly raising to the top, thanks to Lucy's contribution to the games that follow. But when Lucy, Natsu, Gray and Erza are asked to join in a collaboration team with others from different Fiorian FCs, they are forced to leave for 2 months. 

Lisanna finds out about Natsu and Lucy so she tries everything she can to stop the engagement. The only issue is: can Natsu's brother agree?

Natsu thought he was over his friend but as time goes on, he realizes he has never stopped loving Lucy. But if he were to do anything, it would wreck their friendship ...

As well as his ties with his brother that can no longer be mended.

I think Lisanna's a really nice person, also she's good in this story, so I really don't understand why everyone hates her. It's not her fault they're in an arranged marriage.
Ooooooooooooooo you need some ice for that burn cuz natsu just scorched you.... See what i did there😏😂
SJships35 SJships35 Jun 13
Natsu is damn savage 😂 and the best boyfriend like ever
                              WHYY LISANNA! WHY CANT YOU BE EVIL SO I CAN HATE YOU!!!
                              Wait I think I read this before
                              Something abt when Lucy rejected to marry a guy her father arranged...
ZodiacWaves ZodiacWaves Jun 06
give me a S! give me an A! give me VAGE! THAT SPELLS SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natsu you savage,
                              he could teach a class,
                              I would be called Savagery 101
AmberMoon18 AmberMoon18 Jun 03
What? Why dah fuk r u being friendly with lasagna? THAT BITCH STOLE YA MAN!