The Dragon Hybrid [DISCONTINUED]

The Dragon Hybrid [DISCONTINUED]

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|| Kuroshitsuji x Seme!Male!Reader x Yandere!Kuroshitsuji || BoyxBoy ||

(M/n)(L/n), the head butler of the Smith Manor, and Jason Smiths personal nephilim butler. He is also known as Satan's and guess who? God's son.(They created him. Well, Satan did, but God tried to turn him into an angel afterwards) He's part angel and part demon dragon.

He's about to experience the feeling of, drum roll! Love. Not only that, but how much these men and teen-adult(males) would do to have him to themselves when.

||Warning: There will be Yaoi or Boy Love, possible lemons, lime and maybe fluff. If you do not like any of these, I suggest you don't read. Peace! Also, sorry for any grammar or spelling errors.||

||Disclaimer: I don't own anything, but the plot and cover... kinda.||

Ayyyy Sinbad, what are you doing in a Black Butler story. Go back to the Magi stories
I KNEW IT!!! HE'S A REINCARNATION OF HECHIKU!!!! Or something like that..
Ya know i'm pretty sure they can have the mark not only on the eye...
Demon, Dragon, and angel all in one...?
                              A little ( Really ) overpowered don't you think?
The_Bloody_Actor The_Bloody_Actor Dec 15, 2016
If Nick hates demons and angels...then what will happen if he finds out that (M/N) is a demon and angel..?
                              The world may never know...
The_Bloody_Actor The_Bloody_Actor Dec 15, 2016
But I'm...5' dream has come true...I'm finally taller than Levi!!!! (งಥ˘ಥ)ง