Where Broken Hearts Come to Rest

Where Broken Hearts Come to Rest

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Samantha Heart By SamanthaHeart9 Updated Aug 02, 2016

Born as an omega in a pack that hates them and without any parents or close friends to protect him, Issac Wild doesn't have any easy life. In fact, some would say he's strong. While multiple beatings and cruel words befall him he doesn't beg or cry, only hides behind an impenetrable wall. But their words still tear wounds into his heart, their acts leave behind pain, only he doesn't show it. And when he finally finds his mate he thinks someone can relieve him of all this suffering. He was wrong. Torn and broken hearted he deserts the pack, becoming a rogue. Now, he's truly alone. Yet he soon stumbles upon a place in the woods, hidden. A place only he's heard in rumors. He soon settles in and all the while gaining the things that have been missing in his life. And as time goes by his broken heart starts to recover. Yet to soon the old wounds are opened with the arrival of his mate come to claim him, the one that hated him. But he isn't the weak omega anymore. No, he's has a sharp edge to him and cruel words that go along with his new found strength. Though with every passing minute he starts to fall only to be reminded of the pain he caused him in the past. 

Will Issac fall in love with the man who shattered his heart? 

Or the man who showed him where the broken hearts come to rest?

I mean…… I never knew I had a heart………
                              … but shït just fücking broke.
PrinceDel PrinceDel Aug 07, 2016
This chapter was absolutely tear jerking. Hopefully, things will get better for him soon otherwise I'm gonna turn all mother hen 😣
MickaylaWeaver MickaylaWeaver Nov 08, 2016
Male snow white😂😂😂..... I'm sorry I had to 😂😂