future || h.s au

future || h.s au

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[on going] 
1. make out with a stranger
2. go skinny dipping 
3. skip class
4. get drunk
5. steal something 
6. make out with a girl
7. do ecstasy 
8. give someone a blowjob 
9. get tongue pierced
10. smoke weed
11. let someone go down on you
12. get a tattoo
13. lose virginity  

Harry and I made a bet. I had a semester to complete his stupid list. A lot can change in a few months, but I never expected what would come.


started: august 22, 2015
completed: n/a

harryscxndy harryscxndy May 17, 2016
i literally write every single of the song in a paper to added at my playlist cuz of 39 songs above, i have only like 4.
                              Thanks for amply my world of music.
_afraidstyles7 _afraidstyles7 Aug 29, 2016
Who cares if her name is Tessa?!? Like honestly, After isn't even that great
Koala_Babes Koala_Babes Jul 20, 2016
I'm rereading this book, after reading "After" (Tessa) and "Anarchy" (Grace)
localani localani May 07, 2016
the trailor just made me 30000 times more excited I read this I'm so ready
NiighttChanges NiighttChanges Mar 29, 2016
You're allowed to use the name Tessa, After did not create the name.
syazanahadi syazanahadi Jan 29
Omg i thought avery is a boy and i imagine him as jackson avery from grey's anatomy