future || h.s au

future || h.s au

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[completed & editing] 
1. make out with a stranger
2. go skinny dipping 
3. skip class
4. get drunk
5. steal something 
6. make out with a girl
7. do ecstasy 
8. give someone a blowjob 
9. get tongue pierced
10. smoke weed
11. let someone go down on you
12. get a tattoo
13. lose virginity  

Harry and I made a bet. I had a semester to complete his stupid list. A lot can change in a few months, but I never expected what would come.


started: august 22, 2015
completed: december 29, 2017

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- - Jun 14, 2017
I think that this is honestly the best trailer on all of wattpad. Not even joking.
Wccat11 Wccat11 Sep 22, 2017
That’s me and my best friend. Our differences keep us together somehow😂😂
kingharrysus kingharrysus Oct 21, 2017
SO YALL KNOW EACH OTHER- I want my eggs CRACKED! https://m.popkey.co/3f45d8/jZDwe.gif
new-blue-moon new-blue-moon May 17, 2016
i literally write every single of the song in a paper to added at my playlist cuz of 39 songs above, i have only like 4.
                              Thanks for amply my world of music.
NiighttChanges NiighttChanges Mar 29, 2016
You're allowed to use the name Tessa, After did not create the name.
harryisadream harryisadream Apr 08, 2016
I swear every single Harry fanfic is associated with After, like no, we do have our own ideas