The High School Cliché

The High School Cliché

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Be-a-child-forever By Be-a-child-forever Updated Jan 07, 2017

Here at John Adams High, the school is divided into cliques. You've got the jocks, nerds, popular girls, guys and so on. Almost never do these cliques interact with each other. Sure popular girls might have crushes on popular guys but take a jock, for example, he would never interact with a nerd; not in a kind, friendly way at least. 

That's just how high school works. No one knows how the school was divided. It feels like it's always been this way. We just know that that's how things are meant to be and that's how things should stay. 

But what happens when people are taken out of their comfort zone and the high school everyone knows starts changing? When people start to change and unlikely relationships start to form.

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emma_grace9412 emma_grace9412 Jul 11, 2016
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God damnit Corey u little bitch help your motherfucking daughter!!!!!
cloudstormer cloudstormer Jul 15, 2016
I knew it was Maya she has either blue or green eyes and Riley has brown
Multishipxx Multishipxx Jul 20, 2016
Farkle lets have a talk.... Do you know where babies come from?
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Ahhhh this is so different from girl meets world imma try not to get mad
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Lucas we need to you know how much of an aśś you are?