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The Hybrid Alpha King

The Hybrid Alpha King

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Rachelb9234 By Rachelb9234 Completed

I felt the house shake with the thunder, but knew it wasn't the storm that was giving me this uneasy feeling. 
"He's here," Melissa said, glancing at Nick who took a protective stance in front of her. 
"Don't worry. The warriors will stop him," He assured us, but I wasn't convinced. 
No one could stop him from getting what he wants. 
Another lighting bolt struck, and all the power in the house went out. 
"Wonderful," I muttered, knowing my day was only about to get so much better. 
"Do you th-" Melissa was cut off with the door slamming open.
Another flash of lighting illumanated the figure in the doorway. 
"Honey, I'm home," he sang in a sickly sweet voice. 
And even with Nick shifting, I knew it was all over. 
There was no stopping the Alpha King.

cowritten by djkfergyferg

I'm sorry you have to deal with this we should be grateful of you taking time out of your life to entertain others.
AngelLegna13 AngelLegna13 Aug 29, 2016
People got nothing better to do than to hate, believe me I WAS one of them lol...
leecoleloca leecoleloca Jul 17, 2016
Don't listen to the haters with a capital "H". They just mad cause they either liked ur plot and couldn't say it properly or flat out their brain doesn't want to understand it. Also i thought ur intro was hilarious to me.
Lovable_natZz Lovable_natZz Jun 30, 2016
you should know that you will be criticised whether you like it or not...but you shouldn't take back comments as disrespect but use it to help you further strengthen your writing..i hope I didn't offend you.but most of the best authors got the worst criticism..
NotNormalFan NotNormalFan Jul 25, 2016
I tend to leave sarcastic remarks, but I never intend to be rude. If I post something bad that offends you, I'm not trying to ;-)
raindrops_59 raindrops_59 Jul 19, 2016
People tend to overlook these, I just skimmed through them sometimes (more like rarely)