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When We Were Strong // Werewolf boyxboy

When We Were Strong // Werewolf boyxboy

38.7K Reads 1.4K Votes 21 Part Story
:): You decide By VengefulDesires Completed

Remember when life was easy and everything was handed to you on a silver platter? How everything was fun and games? For Zack, it all took a turn. His parents became so distant after unknown knocks sounded upon his front door. Already stressed from school, he couldn't bare anymore of it; mostly from his loved ones. What had they heard? Lastly, who was the guy who exchanged to his school? It was like the unknown male was following him, watching his every move. What was he to do? Was there something he didn't know?
  Warning: BoyxBoy, Gore, Bullying, Mystical Creatures, and minor profanity
  Disclosure: This story is of my own creation and design. Any stolen property will be heard of and punished. I do not appreciate stealing of my ideas and/or plotline. Thank you.
  VengefulDesires, OUT~
  Highest Rankings: #2 under Werewolf Boyxboy
  #1 under Werewolf Boyxboy Completed

Moonbeatx Moonbeatx Aug 10, 2016
Ok now y the fùck did they have to do that?😂😂 they knocked like one time and then "Well let's just tear the door down instead"
GlitchedEmma GlitchedEmma Sep 19, 2016
I'm sorry but why the frickle frackle didn't you just call his ducking name?
Xevikan Xevikan Jun 06, 2016
Well. Still doesn't say why the heck his parents are stone-cold.
harrisongirl harrisongirl Oct 27, 2016
Well you don't even acknowledge him so why acknowledge you guyz
darling4badboys darling4badboys Apr 28, 2016
This is exactly why I don't tell people I have anxiety 😪 I hate the pity looks
I'm watching a let's play of the horror game Outlast on YouTube and this scared the period blood out of me!