Had I Known

Had I Known

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Formerly: When We Were Strong

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    Zack couldn't explain what had happened to have his parents become distant shells of once loving people. He didn't know what had happened, but from what he overheard, it mustn't have been a good thing. It's as if they knew something he did not, and he just wished they'd come out and say it then be cowards and hide it. What had bunched their nerves up this bad? 

    Then suddenly Zack faces a new face at school whose eyes watch him more often than not. He's unnerved, and with the pressure of his parent's sudden change of coldness, he honestly didn't know what to do. 

    At this point, he didn't realize the whirlwind coming for him and the truths that would soon crumble his world as he knows it.
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Um...what? Did they just find out he’s an omega or something?
electrodragneel electrodragneel Nov 16, 2017
hey what happen to those kind and caring parents right from the start
grxzer- grxzer- Apr 27, 2017
why are characters in these type of books mostly emos? I have nothing against it, but itʻs kinda overused
SkyHall474 SkyHall474 Apr 05, 2017
Ya know a nother solution could have been "Hey it's Luka. Let me in please." 😱
- - Mar 22, 2017
This sounds exactly like my thought process on being New to a class and late. I skipped my first gym class by hiding in the locker room......luckily it was a sub. And she excused me.
Moonbeatx Moonbeatx Aug 10, 2016
Ok now y the fùck did they have to do that?😂😂 they knocked like one time and then "Well let's just tear the door down instead"