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Runaway (A Zayn Malik fanfiction)

Runaway (A Zayn Malik fanfiction)

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xoxo, n By exquisites Completed

"You are the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me, you bastard. I need you but I can't have you. I love you but I hate you. There is something about you that is so irresistible, but also something about you that makes me wonder why you aren't a drug. You sir, are so addicting, yet so deadly."     Runaway™ © exquisites. All rights reserved.

That's true. He can't dance for nothing. 
                              But he's still AMAZAYN!!
Same omg I'm not even joking omg I'm so bad omg and all my friends are so good and I look so awkward omg yo don't know omg omg omggggg
zaddy zayn malik and his girlfriend, the one and only louis tomlinson
thoseluvs thoseluvs Feb 12
She 👏🏽better 👏🏽be 👏🏽tow👏🏽up👏🏽when 👏🏽your 👏🏽done
His accent kills me. It really does. I love his accent. 💖💖