Screaming Death

Screaming Death

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midiosa By midiosa Updated Nov 12, 2016

It feels like you're screaming, and nobody can hear, so you scream louder. Nobody can hear you. Nobody ever hears you. It's like you're trapped, every turn the wrong one. You're wishing, and you're praying that you get one more second, one more breath of air, one more chance to let everyone know you love them. Then, it's over. You're dead. 

Alison Duval never thought one night of fun could lead to her ultimate demise. Straight out of a horror movie, Alison and her best friend Nina, are the first victims of a bloody murder that rocks the town of Lakewood. Somehow, Ali manages to escape, watching her best friend get filleted right in front of her eyes.

Town Survivor, everyone praises her for her miraculous escape, but she can't help but feel guilty for making it without Nina. Just when she thought the murders were over, bodies begin to pile up, leaving her to wonder just who might've tried to kill her.

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- - Mar 21, 2016
Okay, your chapter is so morbidly hilarious that I can't help but love this already
DeviateFromLife DeviateFromLife Sep 09, 2015
Wouldn't the police have found his severed head, then his body, and figured out a time of death? Which was probably, y'know, BEFORE Nina's murder?
KasleyCooper KasleyCooper Sep 05, 2015
Holy crap this is the first chapter?!?!?!?! it's freaking amazing! how am I just finding this now!!!!!
reading4life14 reading4life14 Aug 24, 2015
this is an awesome chapter! it literally gave me chills! can't wait for more!