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Adopted by My Chemical Romance (MCR fanfiction)

Adopted by My Chemical Romance (MCR fanfiction)

62.5K Reads 2.4K Votes 24 Part Story
Kyla Grace By ThatGeekyGirl12 Completed

13 year old Melody Grace has lived in an orphanage her whole life, until she gets adopted by her idols.

music kept me alive when I was depressed
                              I wouldn't be here without it.
Music kept me alive and still keeps me alive especially MCR and P!ATD
Masked123 Masked123 Aug 16, 2016
How did you know that is so true. I literally can't go a day without music or I would do something stupid
imFarlyLocal imFarlyLocal Jul 30, 2016
Why do people pick on people name Jessika I'm nice I swear I'm just a small bean
PhantasyOnFire PhantasyOnFire Dec 17, 2016
Sometimes I sleep all day because I hate the sun
                              LIGHT too Ronnie
Jet_Penskinsky_3rd Jet_Penskinsky_3rd 7 hours ago
One of my teachers ( we live close by and shes like aunt to me) saw me having a panic attack and she took out my headphones ( form my bag) and put oh some MCR and sat with me for almost an hour😁 I can't thank her enough 🙂