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Angel Song By AngelSongMelody Completed

This story will have different DenNor oneshots. I prefer using their country's name instead of their human name because it gets confusing for me sometimes.

Norway's personality is sort of tsundere for most scenes. Denmark is just his usual happy go lucky self.

I do not own any characters, only the story line.

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pastelisticsem pastelisticsem Sep 24, 2017
I am a person who gets A or B
                              My worst is C
                              But that is like a year ago
FigureSkaterOfTruth FigureSkaterOfTruth May 27, 2017
Nicer. Straight A's. There aren't a lot of Anime Goers out there with straight A's in my experience.
DanUnderThePan DanUnderThePan Oct 30, 2017
                              I still get A's.
                              Gohd. Smart kids how?
RoseXesoR RoseXesoR Dec 10, 2017
My GPA is 3.8...that’s actually really good if you look it up.
I_Need_Hellp I_Need_Hellp Nov 05, 2017
I don't get A's...
                              I also don't get B's, C's, E's or F's because I don't go to a Public/Private school
AphEarth AphEarth Dec 31, 2017
My GPA is currently a 4.3 (high for a freshman) so I can relate