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Angel Song By AngelSongMelody Completed

This story will have different DenNor oneshots. I prefer using their country's name instead of their human name because it gets confusing for me sometimes.

Norway's personality is sort of tsundere for most scenes. Denmark is just his usual happy go lucky self.

I do not own any characters, only the story line.

Oh Lord I just realized that I would be that crazy bitch that brought a shot gun to world meetings.
Hahahahahah. 97 comments on these 8 words. That's about 12 comments per word
Well I thought this fanfic was great so I hope you have great success with other ones ! :)
Plot twist:
                              Romania enchanted the box to get his ships together
Iceland I love you! I have done since I was first introduced to you! XD
The axe is all that matters.
                              He didn't AXE you!(I'm sorry I had to bye now)