The Forced Marriage With The Vampire King

The Forced Marriage With The Vampire King

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In the beautiful city of Kolechia is a ruler known for his heartless, merciless, cruel and charismatic persona. His name is King Henry Nicolov. Who is not just a cold heart emperor but a fearsome, terrific Vampire as well. 

The city of Kolechia doesn't only consist of humans but also the mythical creatures - Vampires. Besides this mystique city there is another city of Vamparia comprising of Vampires, witches and demons. Which is a complete different and unknown place to the humans. 

When King Henry meets his beautiful mate- Rose Collins, an ordinary human girl wanting to live the life to the fullest. He instantly falls for her beauty but will he be able to actually love her? 

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Highest Rank #1 in fantasy. 
#7 Vampire. (With previous unedited version.) 
(Chapters have been taken down. 
Heavy editing process is on.) 

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Daylightdallier Daylightdallier 18 hours ago
Is it just me or is that first meeting similar to Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey 's meeting?
Love_MB24 Love_MB24 Jun 23
Yesss perfect way to make someone love you, guys we should take notes. (Note my sarcasm)😆
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Apr 24
I demand for the King's name to be changed to Bruce Wayne or he shall get a new butler.
Are we not gonna talk about the fact that his butler is called ALFRED!!
This has the fifty shades of grey begin in to it. Are you gonna do what I think you're gonna do in this story? Do I need to stop reading because of hanky-panky scenes.
queenruby99 queenruby99 Feb 19
Not a very good way to make someone love you. They could act like it sure if they're desperate enough but...