Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice

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Of Witches and Warlocks readers will love this story, which is a retelling of The Trouble with Spells, but from main character Vance Mangum's point of view. Loaded with new scenes and dialogue, this story will take readers on an adventure even deeper into the life and mind of Vance Mangum.

He was on the run. 
Love wasn't an option, 
But Fate had a different plan. 
Magic abounds and sparks fly, 
when destiny brings Fire & Ice together. 

"Vance Mangum landed a place on my all-time favorite book boyfriend list, and no one has been able to bump him off of it. I honestly can't put into words how much I loved Fire & Ice, and how excited I am for the next installment of Book of Shadows!!!" 
- Christina Silcox, Literary Redemption 

"What did I think of Fire & Ice? Well, if you could see my face right now, I think you'd know. I am completely, undeniably, irrevocably in love with 
these characters!" 
-Raquel Auriemma, Roc n' Read 

Back cover: 
Time passes . . . sometimes too quickly, other times not fast enough, but that's not what's important. The essential thing is what we learn about ourselves during that passage of time and how we apply it. Will we continue to follow the destructive paths we find ourselves on? Will we give in to circumstances that seem completely unchangeable? Or will we desperately fight to hold onto those we love and to what's good inside us-no matter how terrible the cost? 

I only know I would do whatever was required of me to keep Portia, but in a world of witches, warlocks, and demons, anything can happen. 

My name is Vance Mangum, and this is my story.