Consequences of a Royally Arranged Marriage (Starring Keke Palmer)

Consequences of a Royally Arranged Marriage (Starring Keke Palmer)

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Afro Punk By suckerforfictions Completed

Marriage is an agreement between two people who love each other, 
in Aisha's case the above does not apply to her

Whats worse? She now founds out an old contract made by some unknown ancestor has her binded to the royal family; most especially the future asshole/King.

Prince Karter Carlos Moses III will not be making it any easier for Aisha neither, he doesn't want to marry a girl with a tainted reputation, that is why he is more determined than ever to get Aisha out of his life to marry his long-term novia.

And now it seems her dream of becoming a business woman is now slipping from her.

Aisha know its going to be hard to prove herself worthy especially as new status comes with high consequences and dangerous drama.

And its only a matter of time before these two start to realise they need each other more than they think... 

© written by suckerforfictions 1st May 2013

  • boy
  • girl
  • interracial
  • love
  • prince
  • princess
  • revenge
  • royalty
  • trust
booksarememories booksarememories May 08, 2016
What if their great grandchildren were both the same gender and they weren't gay?
oharchiekins oharchiekins Nov 19, 2015
Give me an S!! Give me a T!! Give me a U!! Give me a P!! Give me an I!! Give me a D!! What's that spell!? STUPID!!!
urbans_finest urbans_finest May 06, 2015
Without a reason? Shooed he lucky cause I woulda slit his throat right then and there
eboniwhore eboniwhore Apr 09, 2015
ohhh so she's not really one , it's just a rumor . nice to know because i was gone go off on her !
ForbiddenFruit__ ForbiddenFruit__ Mar 29, 2013
Great start, I've never seen anything like it, I really enjoyed it! The agreement, is the start of a controversial something? *thinks* Hmm, I cannot WAIT to see more! Y'know.. I hate this story doesn't have alot of recognition Because it's sooooo good!