Why? || Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan ||

Why? || Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan ||

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Macilyn Rud goes to school with the Dolans. She is really close friends with Grayson and she's only friends with Ethan a little, but she can't like them. Ethan's a fuckboy, that just wants to get into your pants, and Grayson's her best friend, but she can't control her feelings. She starts to like Ethan and Grayson, but will Ethan do something to her, that she can't forgive him for? Will Grayson just want to be friends?

"No, please don't Ethan, please!" I pleaded.

"I'm so sorry, I should had never told you Grayson, I got to go now," I cried.

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I knew my baby wouldnt be a bad boy for no reason. Im soo sad rn😭😥
Oh my god I’m captain of my team and I’m a nerd that’s single for life WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE AND THIS STEREOTYPE WTF
I read protractor...hmm is it cos she always protracting those legs back for dat ugly dick
Ethan_Dolan_Daddy Ethan_Dolan_Daddy Jul 13, 2017
Stop don't touch me there
                              This. Is. My no no square
                              R. A. P. E. 
                              Get the hell away from me!!
NostalgicEthan NostalgicEthan Jul 12, 2017
                              DISCIPLINE MYSELF
                              DONT LET THE SPARKS DIE OUT🎶 they always do vines on that song
Okxy_Dolans Okxy_Dolans May 16
is it just me or do i find ay ay funny
                              I guess its just me...