The Darkness Series- Buio Amata (Beloved Darkness)

The Darkness Series- Buio Amata (Beloved Darkness)

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Delilah_Nighte By Delilah_Nighte Updated Mar 01, 2011

Alice belongs to the usual small coven. But what's unusual about this family? They try to blend in with the humans. So, for Alice, whoose frozen forever at 16, that means repeating highschool over and over. So when she arives in New York City, she expects the usual ruitine. But what she doesn't expect is falling for a human boy, Christopher Wyatt. Watch as she stuggles at first to avoid him, to keep him safe; then as the blaring truth hits her, that makes option one impossible, to resist the blood that sings to her very soul as Alice and Chris give into their impossible love. 

Will Chris become one of them? Or will Alice find a way to trade immortality for mortality so she can be with him? Will One of them die protecting the other? Or will their love keep them both alive?

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