My life as Shinigami's daughter (naruto fanfiction)

My life as Shinigami's daughter (naruto fanfiction)

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Shinigami Hime was The shinigami and Juubi's daughter. 

Feared for her being killed, the parents freezed her momentarily as an infant and the crystal will break only in the right time. 

A century has past since the shinigami and the juubi 's presence in earth, the crystal began to crack anf melt little by little. 

In the village hidden in the leaves, the third hokage was informed of the unknown crystal. 

When he got there, he said saw an infant, crystalized and asleep, he ordered his Anbu along with him to free this infant of the crystal. 

Now, the hokage and the Anbu came back to the village, the infant layed in the hokage's arms. 

A note was in the crystal where he found the infant, and it says: Shinigami Hime. 

So the hokage named her Shinigami Hime, and now the story of Shinigami Hime's journey will begun. 



Damn that's extremely short, I'm just gonna pretend she's a bit taller. That's like a 7 year Olds height
ItoMatrix ItoMatrix Nov 12
sєňpѧı sѧıԀ ţһѧţ ı ċѧň яıԀє ѧ sҡʏ һoяsє oň ѧ ċoʟoяғuʟ ѧıя 
Tbh this story only interested me because 
                              One i thought RyRy from death note would be here
                              Ane two becaus  i dunno i like naruto i guess?
I'm 15 and I'm 5'4 T^T But in my defense, I JUST became 15... Like one week ago, I think
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suɢoı!! sєňpѧı ıs so ѧmѧzıňɢ!!
Um, may I ask why is she so short? Even I’m not that short. . . And I’m the second smallest in class. . . (=___=')