Secrets, Lies, and Forgotten Pasts

Secrets, Lies, and Forgotten Pasts

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Rhiannon By AdoptedWinchester Updated Aug 17, 2016


"I've been living down the street from my family for almost an entire year without knowing it."

"Yes, when you put it like that it's a bit creepy."

"Shut up, Prongs."


For 16 years Rosamett Aurora Jalice Cullen has known herself as Rosamett Aurora Swan, though she prefers to be called Rory.

Rory is raised by her grandfather, Charlie Swan, in the large town of Cokeworth, growing up hearing many stories of her mother and little of her father, resenting the fact that they kept their niece over her. Their own daughter...

11 years down the road, Rory as become best friends with Lily Evans, who lives down the road. 

Do you see where I'm going with this??

The two board The Hogwarts Express with Severus Snape, Rory's arch enemy. The three meet James Potter and Sirius Black, and Rory decides to change fate that day when she chooses to stay in the compartment when Lily and Severus leave.

6 more years down the road and you have The Marauder's.

Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Vixen, and Prongs. One of the most notorious group of pranksters of their age, alongside The Prewett Twins.

But here is a twist. 

The Cullen's are finally ready to reunite themselves with Rory, as they feel as though the threat of the Volturi is no longer looming over them. Rory is not emotionally ready to have her life ripped out from underneath her, only to be replaced with one with a bunch of strangers who think that their way is the best way.

All the while, dark forces are attempting to penetrate Hogwarts and Rory and her friends must prepare for the war that is already raging outside the castle's walls...


Luna-Del-Ray Luna-Del-Ray Jul 07, 2016
No offence but you could've given the child a better name, there are hundreds of renesmees twin books with the twin being named alisper, rosamett, rosalice jasmett,  to me like people are just really uncreative when it comes to 'creating a name for the other twin'
JessicaLizzeti1 JessicaLizzeti1 Aug 24, 2015
Kinda like Rory a lot better, Rosie is an awesome nickname but Rosamett doesn't work for me. But hey! You're the awesome author of this book!
Eucatastrophee Eucatastrophee Aug 23, 2015
i was a bit skeptical at first but now i've fallen in love with this story just like the original version. (although i kinda like the name rory more than rosie or aideen.)