She's Back, Everybody

She's Back, Everybody

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Tigger :3 By iZombie Updated Nov 23, 2016

"Promise you'll come back?" Ryan asked sadly, Ivy nodded. Ryan wrapped his arms around Ivy, and refused to cry. He didn't think it was fair. A 10-year-old girl being ripped away from her friends only because of her stupid mother's mistakes. 

"I promise I'll come back," she reassured him. He let her go and watched her pick up all of her things. He didn't know how long she'd be gone, he didn't even know if she would come back. Would she call? Would she text him?

"I love you," Ivy called as she got in the car. The tears streamed down her face. She didn't like the idea of leaving her best friend. He had been her rock for so many years, the person to depend on. 

"Love you too, Ive!"

On that day, she left. She simply left. Ryan and Ivy tried to keep in touch, and it was successful for a while, but then school started back up. Slowly they began to drift apart, both changing drastically. Ryan had gone from 'Nerd Kid With Glasses' to 'Cute Bad Boy Player'. Ivy went from 'Quiet and Meek Girl' to 'Hot Rebel'. 

What happens 6 years later when Ivy comes back?