This Is What I'm Good At

This Is What I'm Good At

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Azriel Hofferson By Dragxn_Defender Updated Oct 11

Modern HTTYD AU wherein Hiccup-... Henry, joins a private army after leaving Berk for being, how he was always called his entire life, a runt, a hiccup, a disgrace.

After being recruited, he meets amazing new friends and quickly becomes one of the organization's best. But Berk is in trouble. And now, Hiccup's conflicted. He ran away from Berk to start a new life, but...deep down, does he actually miss the town? Does he miss the people who tormented him? He doesn't believe it himself, but...maybe he does.

How long will Hiccup be gone? Will Berk be safe and find a new heir? And what about Astrid? Did she forget about him, or did she just remember him even more?

Disclaimer: I don't own the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, nor Rise of the Guardians, Frozen, Brave, Tangled, or Big Hero 6. Those rights go to their respective owners, both DreamWorks and Disney. Any names I come up with are completely made for this story and should they accidentally be the name of an actual person in the real world is completely coincidental.

Oh I wish I had a teacher like that to set the idiots in my class straight. ☹
BlueFood101 BlueFood101 Aug 04
Jason Grace, son of Jupiter, Praetor of New Rome, twelfth legion Fulminata, fifth cohort.
More plz more I was crying at one of the parts. Plz update I need more
BorealisHL3 BorealisHL3 Jun 20
JASON!!! JASON!!! JASON!!! (If anyone gets the reference, I'm be amazed)
Deltroo Deltroo Dec 17, 2015
This is the first time I have ever commented on a watt pad story, so you should feel honored xD please update soon! This is really great so far.
SimpleFanboy SimpleFanboy Sep 16, 2015
This is really interesting.. Keep it up! I'll be waiting for an update!