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Sapphire x reader (LGBT+)

Sapphire x reader (LGBT+)

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You are loved By lapidot_lova Updated Aug 03, 2016

Ok, this isn't so much an x reader as it is a 'what happened to the reader' and also ruby might be pissed if she heard this was an x reader, and I like my face medium rare, not well done, so......

But it is really cute ;p

BornGayAndOtaku BornGayAndOtaku Mar 12, 2016
At first I thought this was a Pearl x Reader....but then I realized it was Sapphire XD
ExtremelyxWeirdxGirl ExtremelyxWeirdxGirl Apr 07, 2016
Who actually flags a comment for saying bad words it's not like kids are actually gonna read this kind of stuff... Or wait every kid has access to the Internet nvm
AwesomelyCleverName AwesomelyCleverName Jan 20, 2016
Lol, saph and I are probably the same height...I'm not that tall
VengeanceMonsterKid VengeanceMonsterKid Sep 21, 2015
Is this an AU where Ruby doesn't exist? Cus if she did exist, Reader-chan wouldn't find the badass kids from school in that alley,Reader-chan would find a pile of ashes.
VengeanceMonsterKid VengeanceMonsterKid Sep 21, 2015
That's child labor, that's a highly chargeable crime, its a good thing I'm recoding this. PREPARE TO GET LAW SUITS (that's how its spelled right) UP YOUR A$$ B!TCH! I'M GONNA SUE YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU OWN! Aimed at the b!tch teacher, not the Author. As if that wasn't already clear enough.
fanfictionlover9167 fanfictionlover9167 Sep 16, 2015
Uhh what does (l/n) mean sorry I'm not the great with these kind of things