My Jerk Husband ... (Kim Jonghyun) SHINee

My Jerk Husband ... (Kim Jonghyun) SHINee

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"Hello my Fiance!" I heard a to familiar voice i didnt want to hear but will hear the rest of my life.
I sighed and turned around "What do you want!" 

He smirked at me "hey hey don't be so harsh to your fiance!"

I turned my eyes and turned back to the sky. I leaned my arms on this metal thing and looked up. I hear him moving closer and he took the same position as me. I turned my face to him and he faced me "yah! Kim Jonghyun! Get away! I want to be alone!"

He smirked and looked up to the sky "you know- we're both in the same shit, so stop yelling at me like that!" He said facing me again with a serious face. I just looked at him.

"By the way, i'm lucky! Cause you are definitely my type! Nice sexy body" He said smirking again looking me up and down. I got disgusted and crossed my arms over my chest.

He laughed and came near me. I flinched and moved backwards. He came nearer and nearer till i couldnt move backwards anymore. He put his hand on my cheek and i slapped it away. He smirked. "To bad that i have a girlfriend! Or i would have kissed you right now!" He said looking down on my lips.

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