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When an unexpected turn of events pushes Mia into a world that she didn't even know existed, her life is well and truly turned upside down. School was never her favourite pass time, however her view on the experience that is education changes drastically, when instead of a timetable full of English, Biology and P.E she receives one that consists of Code Breaking, Polygraph Deception and Self-Defence classes. Not only will Mia learn how to kill a man in 18 different ways while only using a paperclip, she will also learn what it's like to feel completely out of her depth. 
    As more of this unnerving secret world is revealed to Mia, the more of her unresolved and mysterious past becomes clear. They do say however that ignorance is bliss, and for Mia, bliss seemed more and more unobtainable by the minute. When the past suddenly becomes her present, with old friends being thrown in to the mix, Mia must use her new and improved instincts to find her way- or die trying. 
    © Grace Taylor 2012
Thank you so much for dedicating this chapter to me and the nice words at the beginning! I really appreciate it! :D