Pregnant With Yours (BoyxBoy)

Pregnant With Yours (BoyxBoy)

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Nicole Ashley Diaz By Nikkie_Ash Updated Mar 17

For your 21st birthday, did you ever celebrate at a bar with your best friends and planned to get pregnant, right away? No?

      I know this is going to sound a whole lot of shocking and a tad bit exaggerating, but a guy whose name is Xander Lane didn't either. But, he vaguely remembers that day, but he knows the guy's name - Edrick White, the mayor's son. 

         Please, do consider that this a mature rating book and people who are to be commenting have thought rationly or positively and not negativitly. Once the author has seen someone has been discriminating, she will delete it right away and block the reader. This book contains male on male contact that deals with the submissive male to get pregnant and if this is not pleasing to you, you may leave. 


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Yes but more detail.  I'm kinda confused, so males give birth in this place?  Where is "this place"?  Do men have periods because if they don't that's not logical or fair.
He's saying Sweetheart to much.  Is it weird it's pissing me off?
Its not decided yet guys XD *even though i was drawn by the mpreg*
I feel like this guy most timed after a party. 😂 Not the hangover, more like I'll be pregnant in a few... God, I'm such a hoe.😂😂