She's Back & Better Than Ever. |A One Direction FanFic|

She's Back & Better Than Ever. |A One Direction FanFic|

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TheHipHopChick By TheHipHopChick Updated Nov 20, 2013

(Trailer inside!) Hazel is a girl, who isn't like those perfect girls. She doesn't have the perfect body. She doesn't have the perfect face. She doesn't have friends. That last one because she gets bullied by five boys. Those boys are the most populair kids at her school. Everyday she gets bullied by them, because she doesn't have a perfect body, a perfect face and a lot more. 

Everyday when she gets home from school, she has to take care of her little brother. Why? Well, her father died and because of that, her mother started drinking... a lot. She's sick of being bullied everyday. She's sick of taking care of her little brother, while her mother is drinking and fucking some other man. 

But when her last year starts...

She's back & better than ever.

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adclc_ adclc_ May 23, 2017
this is awkward because my name is ada and i read it the first time in a fan fiction 😂
story_teller- story_teller- Mar 09, 2017
Make her POV because it sounds like ur speaking in third person us me i or my
xQueenOfBlades xQueenOfBlades Jun 14, 2016
I... I just realized.... That she is being bullied by 1D!?!?!
likogs12 likogs12 Aug 19, 2016
Really can you be more original with the names instead of using 1 D
victorim2 victorim2 Jun 26, 2016
When I read this I thought about 'Grease' the movie when Danny sings "standing at the drive way, what will they say Monday at school?" But yeah...just me...ok...o_O
LTH_96 LTH_96 Mar 25, 2013
                              Wanna read more, because the start is very good :))