Slow Insanity (HisokaxReader)

Slow Insanity (HisokaxReader)

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Depressedsoul By DemonJamieBower Updated Oct 26

So.. I've been wanting to do an insanity xReader fanfic for a while now, and here it is.. (VERY descriptive and explicit. Don't read if it will bother you..)

Your mind twists into something sinister after siting in your cell for who knows how long.. You've never noticed how far you've turned, and now that you've been freed on accident, the pubic is your playground..

They freed you. Never intentionally, but you were now out of your cage.. You happen to see one of your liberators, and from there, you take your place among them. 

But what will happen when the Jester sees your face? And what is this sensation..? This feeling...?


                              *Pulls out ukulele*
                              YOU'RE THE JUDGE OH NO OH OH
                              SET ME FREEEE [JOSH! DUN!]
.. ...
                                                   .....   .......
                              .        ....         ........       ........
                                  .......                   .....
                              . ....... DAAAAAAAAAAAMN
I'm NUTS baby I'm MAD the CRAZIEST friend that you've ever had. You think I'm PSYCHO u think I'm gone tell the psychiatrist something is wrong. Over the bend entirely BONKERS u like me best when I'm off my rockers tell u a secret I'm not alarmed
Woah woah woah the boners don't turn on till we are in bed buddy
You and me. Any day. Love ur hair 
                              Hisoka: what? 
                              Hn? What I like the... Air
I ponder something great my lungs will fill and then deflate, they fill with fire exhale desire, I know it's dire my time today.