Mewtwo x reader  A wild love has appeared

Mewtwo x reader A wild love has appeared

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Y/N was a girl who, just like everyone, wanted to go out into the pokemon world. Though her father, the new owner of the pokeball factory does not let her. As D/N fears he will lose you like he did M/N. But after 6 years of pleading he lets you. He hands you a Master ball and tells you to find a starter...

Warnings: Slight Language, Slight Violence (excluding pokemon battles) Slight Mature Topics and some sad moments.

I don't own any Media, referenced or otherwise. All writing is mine.

Well, I wouldn't blame him. If that thing jumped and landed on his head, he'd be dead
hay dad 
                              D/N : Yes sweet- 
                              Mewtwo : Sup motherf*cka 
                              D/N : *faints*